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Dalam Moview Review

Director : Jeevan Reddy
Producer : M Sumanth Kumar Reddy
Music Director : James Vasanthan
Starring : Naveen Chandra, Piaa Bajpai

Andala Rakshasi fame Naveen Chandra's Latest flick Dalam was Released. The movie is a Naxalite Drama. RGV's Protege Jeevan Reddy directed this movie. Suman Kumar Reddy produced this movie. James Vasantham provided tunes. Lets see how the film ...


Kishore (Sathru) and Naveen (Abhi) are the naxalites belonging to Nagababu Dalam. After some days they came to realise that they are fighting for unnecessary things. And they decided to surrender to police. The police put them in prison for one month and police observe their abilities and make them as special officers. They will do good job, this attracts Nassar (a leader). Then these two people work for nassar also this thing makes them to get in to trouble. And another police officer Abhimanyu singh (Ladda) wants to wipes them out. So how they came out of the trouble and how a girl called Shruthi(Pia Bajpay) fit in their gang forms the rest of story.

Plus Points:

Naveen Chandra who proved himself with Andala Rakshasi delivered again a good performance in this film. He suited well for his serious charecter. Kishore did neat performance. Pia Bajpay have small role but crucial role. She did justice to her charecter. Nagababu and Ajay are ok.
Abhimanyu singh and Harsha vardan are perfect.
Dhanraj Entertains as AK 47 and Krishnudu as Bhadram.
The film has good entertainment quotient in the first half and interval episode is good.
Diologues needs special mention in this film. Have enough emotional depth.
Back ground music is big asset to movie.
Minus Points:

The good pace of the film dropped drastically in the second half. This film will give good experiance to A centers. But It will not give entertainment to B and C centers.
Sai Kumar charecter is not handled well towards climax.
Audiance can predict the climax.
Songs are not good.

Final Cut:

The movie has good first half. But lacks its pace in second half. A center people may like this film. We have to wait and see how all audiences receive this film.

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